Calculator for Phil Burgess's Adalight with Lightpack
New amazing Lightpack devices in store now!
Adalight is a DIY Ambilight clone by Adafruit. Lightpack is a similar project (with custom hardware) but comes with a much more flexible software, which happens to support the Adalight too since winter 2011.
One forum of many in the subject of DIY TV/monitor ambient light: Adalight with Lightpack, suggestions are quite wellcome!!
For XBMC users: Boblight XBMC Addon on Github
Update: 2012. february 3. custom size,'no monitor stand space' function, suggestion: MudHolland at the Adafruit forum
feb. 5. reorder and counterclockwise
feb. 6. overlap, easier code grab (textarea+select all), improved corner calc. if custom size used
feb. 7. *beta* boblight support
feb. 11. datas on picture for easier sharing of maping ideas
feb. 15. 21:9
feb. 24. Comb mode, without bottom
mar. 02. improved calculation precision
2013. feb. 06. Back online again after some weeks of downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't think that the page would be missed by so many of You! Thank You!

Screen 1 (optional) x
Screen 2 (Adalight) x
If You have only one display and/or You have Adalight on the first display, You just put 0x0 for Screen 1.
Columns: Rows: 17x11 (17x10 without stand) for 50 pixels, 9x6 for 25. The square size is calculated as fit, depending on the screen size and the number of led pixels.

Optional from here below (If You're unsure what's below, just click send form at this point)
Width: cm Height: cm If You are using led strand (not strips), You can calculate here the dimensions for assembly. For example: 37" is 82x46.
Red: % Green: % Blue: %
RGB color coefficients: If You think - for example - Your leds are too blue, use say 70% for blue.
Without (floor) stand Without bottom(so won't leave space out at the center of bottom, count still starts from there unless You reorder in the option below)
Custom size: Width: px Height: px it wont allow corners get smaller than calculated, to avoid leaving gaps and maintain dispersion
Overlap: px both sides"You have to show some flex, give and take on both sides" (Russel Bell A.k.a. Stringer Bell)
Reorder start with: ccw Put in the current number of the box where You want to start the numbering from (ccw=counterclockwise)
21:9If You dont prefer nonlinear stretch unlike me
Comb: px Comb mode. Try it!